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10 questions you hope investors won’t ask….(but they will!)

Date: Nov 07 2018
10 questions you hope investors won’t ask….(but they will!)

Some people embrace the adrenaline buzz in the build up to it. Others stay awake all night dreading the moment.  What are we talking about?

No, not riding on the latest big attraction. We’re talking about pitching to investors of course!

Thanks to the likes of Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank and The Apprentice, many product startups now have an impression of what a successful product pitch might look like. With a panel of stern faced investors pulling the product design apart and scrutinising an entrepreneur’s every word, such programmes have done little to alleviate the concerns that many startups have ahead of a pitch day.

Fortunately, these programmes are first and foremost created for our entertainment. In the real-world, pitching is often far less stressful. There is however one golden rule that holds true – you must do your research.

Credibility and trust are key for any investment relationship and in a situation where you are asking people to believe in you, your relevance and authority on a given subject, you need to know your chosen subject inside and out.

Make sure your preparation is thorough. Also avoid over exaggerating your experience. Most of us are guilty of furnishing our CVs with the odd piece of creative writing, and that’s fine, just don’t turn it into a work of fiction, as you will get pulled up on it.

10 awkward questions investors may ask

When it comes to pitching for investment, there are some potentially awkward questions that you may not want to answer. But it is exactly these types of questions that you need to have an answer for.

Here are 10 examples of questions you are likely to be asked by investors. Practice answering them fully and honestly, ahead of any pitch.

  1. How did you arrive at your valuation?
  2. How much will you be paying yourselves?
  3. What exactly are the claims made in your patent?
  4. How much have you raised so far?
  5. Why haven’t any of your advisors or non-execs invested?
  6. Who is responsible for getting the sales in?
  7. How much of your own money have you invested?
  8. What makes this so much better than the competitors’ products?
  9. Have you sold anything yet?
  10. Haven’t I seen this somewhere before?

Looking for investment for your product business?

If you have a well-designed product that fulfils a distinct need, or solves an important problem, and you think you can sensibly answer the 10 questions above, then get in touch.

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