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British Design Fund Partners with ACID

Date: Jul 02 2018
British Design Fund Partners with ACID

The British Design Fund, the investment fund for UK product design and manufacturing start-ups, has partnered with ACID, Anti Copying in Design.

ACID is the UK’s leading design and intellectual property campaigning organisation, a forward thinking trade association for designers and manufacturers and a not-for-profit organisation funded by membership fees. Their aim is to provide cost effective tips, advice and guidelines to help their members protect their intellectual property to achieve growth through a proactive IP strategy.

John Mathers, Design Director of the Fund commented “ I have worked with Dids Macdonald, CEO, for many years, particularly during my time at Design Council. I have a huge respect for what she and the ACID organisation have achieved and the increasing awareness that has been achieved of the importance of protecting great ideas. I look forward to working together to continue that promotion and to working together to achieve an aim we both have in common – supporting enterprise and innovation in the UK by investing in, and supporting, early stage, well designed product ideas.

Dids Macdonald agrees: “ I’m delighted to be partnering with the British Design Fund and to have been appointed as one of their mentors to help and advise those companies which have become part of the Fund’s family. It is great to see an organisation which very much believes in the importance of properly protecting new ideas and developing proper planning around that”

The partnership will see joint promotion of each other’s organisations, joint events and general sharing and support of initiatives.