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What happened at our October pitch day?

Date: Oct 05 2018
What happened at our October pitch day?

Thank you to all the inspirational teams that presented to us at our October pitch day! We saw some fantastic, creative and innovative products that are solving some important problems.

What was particularly great to see is that so many of our inventors are putting the end user at the centre of their design approach. Their products are meeting a defined need and there is a clear market for them, which is vital for any new product design.

As always, we were blown away by the passion of each entrepreneur and the determination they have to see their products succeed. They are hungry to bring them to market and to grow and develop a profitable business. Importantly, they are also 100% committed and willing to put the hard work in to make it happen.

Bringing a new product to market

Bringing a new product to market, scaling up and achieving sustained growth, is not easy – as the team here at British Design Fund knows only too well. That is why we offer far more than simply financial backing. We also provide access to mentoring, advice and support that will help each founder accelerate their progress and successfully take their new product to the next level.

At our pitch days, we always ask each company how we can best help them, aside from just the cash investment.  The areas that most start-ups ask for our help – with the recent pitch day being no exception – are go-to-market sales strategies, bootstrapping a marketing campaign, and being commercial when it comes to protecting intellectual property (IP).

These are all areas that our fantastic team of mentors are experienced in and well equipped to advise on.

We are always on the lookout for more great product ideas to add to our portfolio, so if you have a well-designed product, that fulfills a distinct need or solves an important problem, then make sure you get in touch. For more information about what we’re looking for, see: Do you have any investable idea?

Applications for the next British Design Fund are now open, and can be submitted here, or by emailing us using: enquiries@britishdesignfund.co.uk.